Friday, June 10, 2011

Daily Story 210 - Frankie the Sad Velociraptor

Frankie was a sad velociraptor. All his friends laughed at him because of his skin, which was bright pink and fluffy, and he could never strike fear into the hearts of his victims. One day, he couldn't take the incessant teasing, so he left the forest in which he had lived his entire life to start his life anew. However, it wasn't long before the other velociraptors realized just how much they needed Frankie, so they came looking for him so that they could beg for him to return to the forest. Frankie refused to return at first, but when he heard how much they relied on his seemingly harmless appearance to lure prey into a false sense of security, he agreed to return - but on one condition. The other velociraptors could never tease him about his skin again. The others agreed, and Frankie returned to the forest where they all lived happily ever after.

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