Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily Story 213 - Youtube Logic

A man and a woman are seen in videos together multiple times on one channel. Therefore, they are either married or dating.

A significant other is never seen on said Youtube channel. Therefore, the significant other has left.

Someone acts a certain way in a vlog. Therefore, they act that way ALL THE TIME.

A person comments on possibly controversial personal beliefs in a vlog. Therefore, THAT PERSON IS HORRIBLE and it is necessary to unsubscribe immediately.

A person makes a questionable decision in a vlog. Therefore, that person is retarded* and it is necessary to unsubscribe immediately.

A person insults their audience in a momentary fit of anger. Therefore, UNSUBSCRIBE ALREADY.

A person insults the person in the video. Therefore, that person is a horrible, ignorant monster and it is necessary to reply and show them the error of their ways. This will always work and if the monster tries to retaliate, it only means they need to be shown the error of their ways again.

A person makes one video that is not to the taste of a viewer. Therefore, it is necessary to complain and demand that the person stops making such awful videos. If the person continues to make such videos, it becomes necessary to unsubscribe.

These simple rules will help you to become a successful commenter and will never backfire on you in any way. Good luck.

*Author's note: while I try to avoid using this word in this sort of context, in this case it is necessary in order to accurately convey the logic of youtube commenters.

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