Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Story 205 - Make Peace With Yourself, O Young One

It was a beautiful spring day, and all the sheets and blankets in the land had been washed and were ready to be folded. They waited excitedly for their turn to be folded, and soon all but one had its chance to become neat and orderly and ready to be put away until their time came to be used once more. However, there was a problem with the last one. For you see, this last one was not a regular sheet. This last one was a sheet with elastic around the edges, and thus it became impossible to fold it like a regular sheet.

Now, this sheet did not mean to make life so difficult. It was merely a sheet, and it wished for nothing more than to be folded neatly like the others and used to cover a long twin bed someday in the future. However, it did not understand that its features made it impossible for the Grand Folder to do so. The other sheets watched with impatience as the Grand Folder attempted to fold the final sheet in a way that would be more or less neat and orderly, but the Grand Folder was inexperienced and had difficulties folding the final sheet very nicely. In the end, the Grand Folder gave up, and the sheet with elastic edges had to settle for a halfhearted attempt at tidiness. However, this was not a problem for the sheet, nor was it a problem for any of the others, for it was a passable attempt, and their lives in the drawers would not really require for the elastic-edged sheet to be as neat and tidy as the others. And, as the pillowcase pointed out, the less tidy nature of the elastic-edged sheet's folding would make it easier for the Grand Folder - or anyone who required the help of the sheets and blankets - to distinguish it from the others, thus allowing for a more efficient search for proper sheets and blankets.

Upon hearing this, the elastic-edged sheet was able to find peace with itself, and it waited excitedly, along with all the others, for that special moment when they would be put away in the drawers until their time came to cover sleep furniture once more.

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