Friday, November 11, 2011

The Daily Story Challenge

Update: as of November 8th, 2011, the daily story challenge is OVER! 365 stories in 365 days, pretty good considering I'm bad at consistency. Anyway, this is over now so this is just a regular ol' blog now. Latest entry is just below this one.

It started as a challenge to write a single, coherent story with a decent plot and length of at least half a page every day for an entire year. It then changed to writing a single, coherent story with a decent plot every day for an entire year. Then it changed to writing something that was pretty close to being a story every day for an entire year. Now it's pretty much 'write something that resembles a story and average one per day for an entire year,' and so far I have been successful. I like to post things in order so I'll be re-posting all the older stories from my livejournal in numerical order before I get going with the newer ones, but if you want to read these older stories, you can. They're here and I'll continue posting them on my livejournal until I get bored or I complete the year-long journey of story postage.

I caught up with the older stories, so I am now updating daily (or close to daily) and things are good and stuff.  Not updating my livejournal anymore, though.  Too much effort.

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