Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daily Story 327 - Boring Mop Escapes

The boring mop was left in the metal room until the man who investigated inanimate objects that did strange things had the time and the means to investigate the mop further. The man put the mop on a table, which the mop promptly took a bite out of, and decided to try and communicate with it. After a few hours, the man realized that the mop did not bite people out of anger or malice, but rather out of self-defense. He decided it would be all right to leave the mop out in the open, as long as it promised not to eat any furniture.

That night, however, some strange men came into the building and set it on fire. The mop tried to wake the man who investigated strange inanimate objects, but the man was unconscious due to a bit too much smoke inhalation. The mop broke out of the building through a window and tried to get help, but it was too late. The man and his building were already burnt beyond recognition. Thus, the mop was left to begin its life all over again, and it wandered into the desert to mourn for a while.

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