Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

So I was just thinking about the reading I did in school, and I recalled that there was a book by… uh, someone, called 'The Cat Who Went to Heaven' that was an option for us to read in our history class if we'd finished another book before the due date.

As I recall, it was a decent enough book, about a cat who befriends an artist in some eastern country where the religion suggested that cats were bad and could never go to heaven and the artist has to paint a mural for some prince or something. I can't say anything about how accurate it was to the culture it presented since I barely remember what it was about and it was back in middle school that I read it, but there was one very significant flaw with the book that made it difficult for me to fully appreciate it (though I did in the end anyway).

This book was severely lacking in mustached journalists who went around solving mysteries with a couple of siamese cats. Talk about a total letdown...

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