Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Costumes Are Fun

So I've been rather addicted to reading Escher Girls lately, and after seeing just how many beautiful examples of horrible anatomy there are in the comic book world, I decided to pay homage to the impossible proportions of comic book superheroines by making a costume dubbed "the (nearly) ideal comic book superheroine." Of course, since there are no conventions that I could wear this costume to that wouldn't require a full-on vacation trip and that sort of a trip is a bit out of my range at the moment, I've settled for making this my Halloween costume for this year. I'll be sharing my progress as time goes on, but for now have some sketches of what the costume would look like. The pink is an outline of my actual body (although it's obscured at the top since I have yet to decide on anything for the head/shoulders area) and the blue is about where the costume would be on my body.

This is going to be the best Halloween ever.

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