Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's been well over two months since I last posted. I have no excuse. Well, except for the fact that my grandfather passed away and certain people in my life have been dealing with complicated love life drama that makes me glad I haven't bothered to even try getting into the dating scene. Oh, and puzzles. Lots and lots of puzzles. And Pokémon. And Skyward Sword. And Portal 2.

So... yeah, that's what's new in my life. Also, I found this set of awesome markers that I had when I was little that I couldn't not buy, so now I'm having fun with those and stuff. Juno's still a dog, and she still does doggy things like a dog would, so that's cool. We had a distinct lack of snow this winter, but it's all coming down now that the ski area's closed for the season. I've also been working on a secret project that involves jellyfish that will be revealed... whenever it's finished. So someday that will be done and things will be cool and stuff.

Anyway, sorry about disappearing and all that. I'll try to get back into consistent(ish) blogging at some point, but it might take a while.

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