Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily Story 244 - The Writer With ADD

Writers have to be creative. In fact, all entertainers have to be creative. How else would they be able to come up with so many new ideas and complex plots and all that stuff that makes people think "hey, this person's got talent" instead of "oh God oh God please no please stop I don't want to read about your sexy vampire fantasies anymore please no stop stop stop stop stop please I'll do anything just stop"? It's all about thinking in new and different ways and capturing that magic on paper. So, it stands to reason that people with ADD make good entertainers, since they're always looking at things in ways that other people don't, right?

Well, yes, but then you get to getting all those ideas and thoughts down on paper. Or film. Or... whatever. All those ideas come out and the magic begins to happen... but then the distractions come in. The person tries so desperately hard to make their ideas come to fruition, but they must constantly fight the distractions. It becomes a constant battle of "ooh, great idea, need to write it down real quick" "oh hey I haven't studied Flemish for a while" "GET BACK TO WORK YOU NEED TO WRITE THIS DOWN BEFORE YOU FORGET IT" "wait, did I eat lunch" "FOOD CAN WAIT GET BACK TO WORK" "oh my God the dog's doing something adorable" "GET BACK TO WOR- oh, never mind, that idea's gone anyway."

This was going to be a lot funnier but the idea I had in my head got disappeareded 'cause I was distracted by... writing this. What the hell.

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